Car Detailing Packages

A list of services and techniques we use to get your vehicle in a clean state we can all be proud of:

  • Hand Wash and Dry Using Two Bucket Method and Foam Cannon
  • Vacuum Interior Including Trunk and Floor Mats
  • Clean Interior and Exterior Windows and Mirrors
  • Clean and Dress Tires With Non Sling Dressing
  • Floss Wheels
  • Dry All Door and Trunk Jambs (Including Gas Cap Area)
  • Full Paintwork Decontamination (Clay Bar and Iron Remover)
  • Carnauba Wax Applied (Last 2-3 months)
  • Exterior Plastics Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Clean Cup Holders, Seats, and Plastic Trim
  • Roof Liner Cleaned and Detailed
  • All Carpets Steam Cleaned
  • All Leather Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Water-Based Matte Dressing Applied to All Plastics
  • Polymer Sealant Applied (Last 4-5 months)
  • Rubber Trim and Seals are Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Full Paintwork Correction Process (Remove Swirls, Holograms, Oxidation, Over Spray)

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